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My Story

The path leading me to Back to Basics Pediatrics has been a long uphill climb for over 23 years. I feel as though I’ve reached the top of the mountain! Since deciding to be a physician as a Freshman in college, I have always dreamed of being a pediatrician. There has never been a doubt in my mind that pediatrics was the career for me!  Aside from loving children, I know that the early years of one’s life are so impressionable and are critical for preventing chronic disease, recognizing developmental delays, and providing guidance to families.

Having worked in large, busy practices for my entire career as a pediatrician, I look forward to getting to know my patients and building a closer relationship with them and their children. Ultimately, that will lead to better healthcare for the child since it will be consistent, quality care with one provider who knows the child best.

I look forward to this next chapter in my life as a solo pediatrician. Truly a dream come true! I hope you will be a part of it with me…

With Love,

Dr. Christine

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