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    Back to Basics Pediatrics Newborn Payment Policy


Congratulations on your new baby and welcome to Back to Basics Pediatrics! We have made an easy to follow check list to make sure that your baby will have insurance so we can work together on behalf of your baby’s health care needs.


  1. You need to contact your insurance carrier to get your baby added to the policy. This may involve contacting your HR department at work.

  2. If you have state insurance, you need to contact Medicaid to get your baby’s number as soon as possible.

  3. You will have 30 days to get your baby added to your insurance without any charges to you.

  4. By 1 month of age, your baby should have insurance in time for their 1 month well visit. At that time, we will submit all previous charges to insurance for payment.

  5. If your baby does not have insurance by 1 month, you will be responsible for all charges incurred. We will expect payment in full for all visits up to that point.

  6. Once insurance is active, charges will be submitted to insurance for payment. We will credit you back for any charges that have been paid twice.


Thank you again for being a part of our Back to Basics Pediatric Family

          We look forward to many years of caring for your new baby!

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