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Clarity through COVID-19

Updated: May 3, 2020

No doubt, these past 2 months have been a challenge for ALL of us. With my new practice, I worried if I would be able to continue to provide the care I so LOVE to do with all of my WONDERFUL families. The anxiety levels had hit a high, but I remained calm, cool, and collected. I reevaluated the situation and adapted. I also learned a lot about myself…

In the midst of a crisis, one must remain positive, and keep thinking forward – this too shall pass.

This is also a time for clarity. Reflecting on ourselves, our family, and our community. Things I learned about myself – I don’t like to cook! Even with extra time on my hands, I still don’t want to cook a meal! I really DO like continuing medical education, and I AM a nerd…LOL! (Fortunately, my husband is a great cook!) I realized that exercising is good for me and I got hooked on candy crush again.

Also, I discovered that my 17 year old daughter is a really great kid and has amazing resilience despite her messy bedroom!

I’ve had many families contact me about their children. Now being home with them more, they are realizing that they DO have ADHD and NEED their medication or their ADD is worse at school, better at home. Some parents are getting to know their children better, watching their infants grow and develop, and spending much needed family time together.

This has been a very challenging time for our world, but I think it has brought people clarity about what is really important to everyone: Family, Health, and Happiness.

I hope to see all of you soon!

With love,

Dr. Christine

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