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It has been awhile since I’ve blogged because I just haven’t been inspired to write anything of meaning. There has not been much to talk about other than trying to stay afloat in the midst of this pandemic. However, this week I felt inspired. I had to get my thoughts on to paper...

We are clearly at WAR with this invisible virus enemy. Like any war, there will be lives lost, but we must continue to fight! I am not being political – I am just stating MY perspective on all of this as a pediatrician, mother, and human being. I also understand my parent's fears and I am not trying to make light of it.

My biggest question right now is...WHY????

Why must we close all the restaurants? Why must we close all the schools and keep these kids home – missing out on important key events in their lives? Why must we bankrupt families? Why must we force parents to have their children’s noses swabbed repeatedly in order to keep them in school? Does every sniffle require a COVID test? Protocols, guidelines, recommendations, Ugh! I could go on and on and on…NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE!!

I often would like to joke about an expression I heard years ago – “common sense is not very common”. Now more than ever this expression has meaning – our common sense has completely fallen by the wayside! Why can we have children in private schools and daycares, but cannot allow them to go to public school? Most recent data showed that there is VERY LITTLE if any transmission of COVID from child to child or from child to adult. Illness in children is mild in the MAJORITY of children. Even for adults, the MAJORITY of people have a full recovery from COVID and can have very mild symptoms.

So WHY????? Why are we allowing our entire world to shut down (except for Walmarts and Targets)?

It is insanity!!

We need to get our lives back to normal and take away all the FEAR that people are experiencing. People are going to get sick, that is inevitable. Let us build up our immunity and get “herd immunity” to this virus instead of hiding in our homes. We need to be safe - wear our masks, social distance, but LIVE AGAIN!

Our children and families are missing so much. Teenagers are depressed – feeling hopeless, helpless, and uncertain of their future. Young children are spending 8 hours a day on a computer (remember when we would recommend less than 2 hours/day?)! There are increases in near sightedness where children are going to need glasses. Childhood obesity is going up from staying home and snacking and not being able to participate in their sports. Are not all these things important too?

This is having a lasting, lifelong impact on our children – it must stop! Get our kids back to school, get our kids back in sports, get our kids back to a normal life!

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