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What's Not "OK" with "OK?" - Questions that get us in trouble!

Updated: May 12, 2019

There are 2 little letters in the alphabet that get us parents into ALOT of trouble- O.K.

Start paying attention to parents (or yourself) asking your child if things are "OK?" Here are some examples:

- "You need to get undressed for the doctor, OK?"

- "You need to hand over the cell phone now, OK?"

- "You're going to get a shot today, OK?"

By asking our children if things are "OK?", this opens up the door to our children responding with "NO!" This will then get the parent upset, agitated, and maybe even angry. If the child or toddler is particularly defiant, it will lead to a battle of the wills. (However, you did ask if it was "OK?")

My advice would be to NOT ask if it's "OK?" when it comes to certain important things such as the above. You can state things in a kind, gentle, and matter-of-fact way. Such as:

- "Time to get undressed.", period

- "Please hand over the cell phone." (or don't give it at all), period

- "You will be getting a shot today to keep you healthy.", period

Try it and see what happens!

With Love,

Dr. Christine

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