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"Do I really need to give my child a Flu Shot?"

The simple answer to this question is "No"! This is a free country and nobody really needs to do anything that they don't want to do, right?

Let's look at another question: "Do I really need to put my children in car seats or seat belts?"

Again, the answer is 'No!", nobody HAS to do anything since it is a free country...

However, if we look at the question: "Do you want to keep your children safe?" The answer to this is "YES"!

See, I look at giving the flu vaccine the same as I look at wearing a seat belt or putting your child in a car seat.

If you are driving, don't you feel better wearing a seat belt and knowing that your precious child is safe in a car seat? I know I did and still do when my teenager daughter is driving around. By wearing your seat belt, you feel protected in the event that you were in a car accident - you are trusting that the seat belt will save your life and the car seat will save your child's life - and it does! Research and science has proven this again and again.

Same with the flu vaccine. Research and science has shown again and again that Flu Vaccines save lives! Will it prevent you from getting the Flu? Not 100%. Usually about 60-70% in a good year, but it is 100% effective in preventing DEATH and severe LIFE THREATENING illness from the influenza virus. I feel safer when my patients are protected from severe illness with the Influenza vaccine


Will wearing your seat belt prevent a car accident? No, but it will save your life! Please think about protecting your child this season with the flu vaccine...thank you!

With Love,

Dr. Christine

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